Asoblockchain position regarding the proposal of the Ministry of Finance
November 12, 2021

The Blockchain Association of Costa Rica views with great concern the proposal «Interpretative resolution in relation to the tax treatment of virtual assets and related activities» of the General Directorate of Direct Taxation of Costa Rica (DGTD).

The BCCR itself and CONASSIF have said that they are working on a bill on this issue, from their perspective, and that the FATF (GAFI) recently updated its recommendations to countries and members of the ecosystem on policies and procedures for the care of the operation of virtual assets and related service providers, so this proposal seems anticipated and untimely. Taxation should consider implementing a dialogue and interaction table between stakeholders from the public and private sectors, which should include the Blockchain Association as a representative of the industry, as well as establishing a working group to analyze international experiences, because the particular proposal generated because of them, it is separated from what has become accustomed and implemented in other countries.