AsoBlockchain and the future of Blockchain in Costa Rica
January 8, 2019

The previous October the launch of the AsoBlockchain DLT Costa Rica Association was officially held at Club Unión in San José, Costa Rica.

The objective of the event was to formally present the objectives of the Association to the community and function as a networking space for all those present. We have brief words from Otto Mora, Federico Zamora, Gabo Esquivel, Edgar Fernandez, Walter Montes and Daniel Rojas.

We were also accompanied by professionals from the government, companies, the press and the education sector, as well as international guests involved in technology.

The Association comes to play a crucial role in the advancement of technology in the country, since it becomes the organized and official representation of the movement.

Among the activities that correspond to the Association include institutional support (regulation, legislation), common message from the industry, umbrella for all communities with their various objectives, community coordination, educate on the benefits of blockchain and crypto, and participate and amplify the message to position Costa Rica as a technology hub.