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Association aims to foster trust, transparency and innovation in Costa Rica’s blockchain ecosystem by connecting technologies throughout the country.

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will bring together world leaders innovators, and experts to explore the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology. We invite all enthusiasts.

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Official statement

It is reported that it has been detected that unscrupulous people are posing as members of the Association, indicating that they are part of a campaign to attract resources, indicating that it is to promote bills.

The general public is informed that the Association is not collecting funds, nor has it authorized anyone to carry out campaigns of this type.

If you have any doubts please contact us at

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Association mission
Our unwavering mission, with a strong ESG focus, is to strategically collaborate with forward-thinking organizations and individuals in the dynamic blockchain space, driving innovation, and implementing best practices to create a positive and sustainable impact on the broader community.
Association passionately represents our members, amplifying their voices and promoting the interests of the vibrant community engaged in blockchain and cryptocurrency activities.
We actively participate in national and international forums, coordinating with tech organizations, businesses, and users to promote the adoption of blockchain technology.
We empower our members to have a voice in influencing the policy debates and decisions that impact the emerging landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.
Our members are invited to join our regional networking events and participate in various coordinated events and user group meetings throughout the year.
Collaboratively working with
Promoting collaboration is essential in the dynamic and rapidly-evolving field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. By working together, we can drive innovation, share knowledge, and advance the adoption of these transformative technologies
Incorporation of the Association
Association Blockchain’s incorporation propels a new era of transformation and innovation in Costa Rica with
unwavering vision, dedication and commitment.
First event
TicoBlockchain Forum
The inaugural crypto and blockchain conference in Costa Rica was held on February 2nd, 2019. It marked
a groundbreaking milestone as the first event of its kind in Central America.
Institutional event
Four days of education
The event was attended by over 400 officials and was targeted towards financial institutions and other regulated entities, including the Superintendencies, CONASSIF, the Central Bank of Costa Rica, and multilateral organizations.
Legal presence
Participation in MeCA law project
The Association is sincerely interested in collaborating with and supporting the economic modernization of Costa Rica, advancing with the MeCA's draft bill for greater legal certainty to our members
Key player
Startups support
Asoblockchain solidified its leadership by hosting the global TicoBlockchain conference, organizing weekly educational events via CriptoCantina®, and actively supporting startups while influencing regulatory boundaries.
Working on
Driving Change and Advancement
In addition to its ongoing efforts in research, advocacy, and community engagement, the Blockchain Association is actively working towards organizing an innovative and impactful international blockchain conference.
Our principles

As a non-profit organization focused on blockchain technology, our commitment to the future is rooted in our mission to promote the responsible and ethical adoption of distributed technologies for the betterment of society. We strive to drive innovation, collaboration, and social impact through our initiatives and projects.

Our organization recognizes the potential of blockchain technology as a transformative force in various domains, including finance, supply chain, healthcare, identity management, and more. We believe that blockchain has the potential to enhance transparency, efficiency, and trust in these areas, ultimately leading to positive social and economic outcomes.

In line with our commitment to the future, we work towards fostering relationships and collaborations among stakeholders, including industry partners, government agencies, academia, and the community at large. We prioritize creating an inclusive and collaborative environment that encourages knowledge sharing, research, and development in the field of blockchain.

We also place a strong emphasis on regulatory advocacy, as we believe that responsible regulation is crucial to ensure the sustainable and responsible development of blockchain technology. We work towards engaging with policymakers, advocating for favorable regulatory frameworks, and promoting best practices in the industry to protect users and foster innovation.

Through our initiatives and projects, we aim to contribute to the advancement of blockchain technology, promote its positive impact on society, and drive meaningful change for the betterment of the future. Our commitment to the future is unwavering as we strive to create a positive and sustainable impact through our non-profit organization’s endeavors in the field of blockchain technology.

At the Blockchain Association, we strive to revolutionize industries and drive positive change through innovative blockchain solutions.

With a focus on sustainability, diversity, and collaboration, we empower our members to harness the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Together, we are driving the evolution of industries and pioneering a socially responsible future with blockchain at its forefront.

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Our members demonstrate commitment to building, investing and defending blockchain technologies. Asoblockchain welcomes individuals and organizations wishing to support the development of a blockchain ecosystem in Costa Rica - we offer different memberships.
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  • Access to information about blockchain opportunities in Costa Rica.
  • Special cost ads on the Association socials.
  • Support and advice on intersectoral relations, mainly with the public sector.
  • Special discounts on activities organized by Association.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here you can find answer on the questions which you may have as well as information about certain aspects of the Association.
What is the Blockchain Association Costa Rica?
The Blockchain Association Costa Rica is a non-profit organization that brings together experts and enthusiasts from various fields to drive innovation and promote responsible practices in the blockchain industry.
How can I join the Blockchain Association?
To become a member of the Blockchain Association, simply follow the membership registration process outlined on this webpage. You will find detailed information about membership options and benefits right here. We are excited to have you join our dynamic blockchain community!
What are the benefits of being a member of the Blockchain Association?
As a member of the Blockchain Association Costa Rica, you gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded professionals and organizations who are at the forefront of blockchain technology. You can participate in collaborative initiatives, engage in knowledge-sharing, and contribute to industry-wide discussions and policy advocacy. Additionally, membership offers opportunities for networking, learning, and staying updated with the latest trends and developments in the blockchain ecosystem. Members can also enjoy participation in special events organized by the Association, including workshops, seminars, and conferences, as well as avail of discounts on events organized by the Association. Moreover, special invitations to exclusive events and programs are extended to members, providing additional networking and learning opportunities. By being a part of the Blockchain Association Costa Rica, you can actively shape the future of the industry while enjoying the benefits of collective action and collaboration.

The Blockchain Association of Costa Rica (AsoBlockchain) has signed a Partnership Agreement with ADEN International Business School and a Cooperation Agreement with the Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT).

Strategic cooperation with ADEN allows members of AsoBlockchain to participate in specialized programs, obtain an MBA, pursue undergraduate programs, and access other options for academic and professional training, enjoying preferential conditions and exclusive benefits.

Collaboration with ULACIT establishes various academic, corporate, and medical service benefits for members of AsoBlockchain. AsoBlockchain members will be eligible for scholarships in ULACIT's educational services across a wide range of academic programs, including elective courses, management seminars, specialization programs, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, specializations, and doctorates. ULACIT offers a variety of corporate benefits to AsoBlockchain, providing consulting services and technical assistance through its Center for Business Research and Development, as well as the opportunity to collaborate on social responsibility and organizational development programs. In the field of medical services, ULACIT extends the opportunity to use the services of the ULACIT Clinic at preferential prices. These services include dental treatments, medical, nutritional, psychological, and therapeutic consultations, as well as preventive health training programs.
How can I contact the Blockchain Association Costa Rica for inquiries or membership-related queries?
You can contact the Blockchain Association Costa Rica through our official website, email, or social media channels for inquiries, membership-related queries, or any other information regarding our activities, events, or initiatives
How can I stay updated with the activities and events of the Blockchain Association Costa Rica?
As a member of the Blockchain Association Costa Rica, you will receive regular updates via our official website, newsletters, social media channels, and email communications. You can also participate in our events and webinars to stay connected with the latest happenings in the blockchain industry
Is the Blockchain Association Costa Rica involved in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives?
Yes, the Blockchain Association Costa Rica is committed to promoting sustainable and responsible blockchain practices. We actively engage in ESG initiatives, promote social responsibility, and advocate for environmentally-friendly blockchain solutions
How does the Blockchain Association Costa Rica promote innovation in the blockchain industry?
The Blockchain Association Costa Rica advocates for policies that promote innovation, fosters collaboration among members, and facilitates knowledge sharing and learning opportunities. We also collaborate with industry stakeholders and participate in research and development initiatives to drive innovation in the blockchain space.