CiNKO a global digital payments platform
May 9, 2024

May 9, 2024 – [San José, Costa Rica]. After the significant impact of COVID-19 in Latin America, the economies of countries show a slight recovery. An indicator that highlights this is the flow of international money sent from one country to another in the region.

It is in this context that simplifying procedures and processes so that users can transfer money between a bank outside the country and a person within Costa Rica, as well as optimizing the cost of this process, becomes increasingly important today.

An example of this is CiNKO. This is a global digital payment platform that is implementing a new functionality that allows sending cross-border payments through its CiNKO wallet, to which money can be transferred through SINPE Móvil in Costa Rica, marking a significant milestone for the Costa Rican and international community residing in the country, who need to send funds internationally and have SINPE Móvil.

Gloriana Carballo, General Manager of CiNKO for Costa Rica, explained that this new functionality allows SINPE Móvil users to send international transfers quickly, securely, and affordably to their loved ones in Costa Rica and to other 44 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The goal of CiNKO is to prioritize and facilitate the sending of money across different countries as a vital component of financial inclusion in the region. Recognizing the economic and emotional importance of facilitating these payments for millions of families, CiNKO strives to make this process as simple and effective as possible“, Carballo mentioned.

Additional Features

The General Manager of CiNKO for Costa Rica added that, in addition to facilitating cross-border payments, CiNKO has developed various additional functionalities. Among them:

  • Transfers from bank accounts to own CiNKO wallets: A user with SINPE Móvil can send money from their bank account to their own CiNKO wallet, allowing them quick access to their funds for use in various transactions or to send payments to their loved ones. Additionally, to promote ease of use, CiNKO has implemented “Copy” and “Share” buttons in its screen flows, allowing users to easily share transaction details via SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Virtual bank account in dollars to accept ACH transfers from services like Payoneer, Deel, Upwork, and YouTube, for only US$1 per transfer: Any content creator, digital nomad, or freelancer working remotely and receiving payments from these types of platforms can now do so through CiNKO.
  • Transfer funds from CiNKO to local bank accounts in 22 countries, for only US$1 per transfer.
  • Mobile phone balance recharge for the 44 countries, with all telecommunication companies.
  • Automatically receive and convert Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal USD, and Circle USD coin to CiNKO USD balance, for security: Any Costa Rican or Latin American with a PayPal or Venmo account can also send funds to their loved ones through a well-known platform used daily.
  • Cash withdrawal at any MoneyGram location in 180 countries, including all MoneyGram locations in Costa Rica.

Additionally, the platform also integrates partners such as MoneyGram, PayPal, and Mesh Pay, providing users with an unparalleled payment experience regardless of their banking situation.

These collaborations mark a milestone in the digital payments industry, providing connectivity that sets a new standard in the digital payments space. CiNKO’s mission is to provide digital payment services to the unbanked and underbanked, eliminating initial barriers for those wishing to participate in the digital economy. With a set of solutions that facilitate secure and seamless financial transactions, CiNKO stands out as a leader in the market“, Carballo Odio affirmed.

Currently, CiNKO operates in 44 countries and has offices in Santa Ana. It is also available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android, in both English and Spanish, providing a comprehensive solution for those wishing to send and receive payments quickly and securely in the region.

Acerca de CiNKO

CiNKO is a global digital payment platform that drives various solutions to securely, smoothly, and securely conduct financial transactions. CiNKO is redefining the user experience to enable instant cross-border transfers, efficient payment distributions, and precise payment processing through traditional rails, stablecoins, and more. You can find more information about CiNKO at