Educational Workshop by DC: Bitcoin and Blockchain
April 26, 2024

On April 25, 2024, Data Center Poas Energía, in collaboration with Asoblockchain, the Blockchain Association of Costa Rica, CharliePay and Nimiq hosted the Bitcoin and Blockchain workshop at the Data Center, Finca Koki.

This full-day event kicked off with a morning session focused on the latest industry insights, setting the stage for a day filled with learning and engagement.

Eduardo Kopper, a creative entrepreneur and founder of a Data Center, welcomed participants at his venue. He motivated them with his career story and the significant shift he made after being inspired by energy solutions that can benefit our planet—particularly, how clean energy can contribute to the greater good. Operating various hydroelectric plants and a solar energy company, he shared how he is changing the world for the better. Eduardo also explained what Bitcoin is, detailed the mining process, and discussed the significance of mining in securing and facilitating Bitcoin transactions

Following Eduardo’s enlightening presentation, the next speaker, Gonzalo Chacón, a Board Member of Asoblockchain, took the stage. He delved into the advantages of blockchain technology, sharing insights into its transformative potential. Gonzalo also introduced the audience to Asoblockchain, the Blockchain Association of Costa Rica, detailing its mission and vision. He outlined the association’s objectives, emphasizing how they strive to foster innovation and adoption of blockchain technology across various sectors in Costa Rica.

The adventure then moved into an exhilarating digital mining tour, offering attendees a hands-on experience early in the day. Following the tour, participants were treated to a delightful lunch, providing a perfect opportunity to recharge.

The evening progressed with an insightful session featuring Vera Lihartova, a renowned legal expert and cryptocurrency consultant. Throughout her career, Vera has cultivated a rich expertise in international criminal law, which she seamlessly integrates with her deep interest in digital transformation through disruptive cryptocurrencies. During the session, she shared her dual expertise, emphasizing the intersection of law and digital currencies.

Vera explored the global adoption of Bitcoin and several critical aspects of cryptocurrency adoption worldwide. She highlighted the varied levels of acceptance and integration seen across different countries and industries. Next, she shifted her focus to the current legal framework for cryptocurrencies in various nations. Additionally, Vera addressed the fiscal implications of using cryptocurrencies, examining tax responsibilities and the potential financial benefits and pitfalls for individuals and businesses.

As the session continued, Roberto Cruz, a representative of Nimiq and Criptociudad San Jose, passionately discussed the Criptociudad initiative aimed at fostering the adoption of cryptocurrencies. He described Criptociudad as a collaborative effort involving various projects dedicated to promoting cryptocurrency use. Roberto talked about how Bitcoin is utilized in Costa Rica and the current state of its adoption, noting its increasing acceptance among businesses and individuals throughout the country.

As the evening session drew to a close, Sergio Chaverri, CEO of AYA Capital, captivated the audience with his insights into identifying growth opportunities within niche markets and developing strategies to capitalize on them. A technology enthusiast, Sergio detailed his approach, which blends keen market analysis with a deep understanding of technological advancements. He emphasized the importance of staying ahead of technology trends to leverage potential business opportunities effectively. Sergio’s presentation provided practical advice and inspired attendees to think innovatively about their own business strategies in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The workshop concluded on a high note, leaving participants enriched with valuable insights and strategies from leading experts in the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The discussions of the day highlighted both the challenges and immense possibilities within these rapidly advancing sectors. Attendees left the event equipped with the knowledge and inspiration needed to navigate and thrive in the evolving digital economy.