Launch of the web version of the CriptoCantina®
January 11, 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of the web reflection of our CriptoCantina project with a brand-new webpage  CriptoCantina® stands as an initiative of the Asociación Blockchain Costa Rica (AsoBlockchain), which was introduced in 2019 as an informal networking event aimed at promoting the adoption of blockchain technology and its applications.

This visionary initiative has achieved tremendous success and gained recognition from industry leaders. Our core mission revolves around empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative projects, secure vital support, advocate for the adoption of web3, and facilitate the seamless integration of newcomers into the realm of technology. The project encompasses various critical domains such as Education, DeFi, AI, Fintech, and Talent.

Additionally, CriptoCantina® stands as a benchmark space for professionals and enthusiasts of blockchain in Costa Rica. These periodic events aim to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of technology. During these gatherings, pertinent topics such as transaction security, system decentralization, and practical applications of blockchain technology in different sectors are deliberated upon.