Coincaex ecosystem
March 21, 2024

On March 21, 2024, AsoBlockchain, the Blockchain Association of Costa Rica, in collaboration with Coincaex, hosted the Cripto Cantina event at Jardín de Lolita, with a focus on Coincaex ecosystem.

The event commenced with a presentation of the Coincaex platform, showcasing its ability to facilitate cryptocurrency exchanges and offering options for purchasing cryptocurrencies through transfers, credit, or debit cards. The platform mandates registration for both individuals and business entities, with transactions supported by KYC and AML measures.

The discussion also explored the topic of financial inclusion in the Central American region and showcased real-world use cases of operations in Guatemala. To advance this goal, Coincaex has introduced B-Transfer as a service designed to expedite money transfers rapidly and seamlessly. This solution facilitates swift and secure remittance transfers through blockchain transactions, eliminating intermediaries, reducing costs, and minimizing waiting times.

Additionally, the cutting-edge payment system BiTPOS was introduced, enabling collections in Bitcoin and direct receipt of payments into one’s bank account. It features a Bitcoin payment gateway processor, allowing companies to accept bitcoins and receive payments in local currency, along with API integrations.

Attendees had the opportunity to network and engage in collaborative endeavors during the session.

Stay connected and keep an eye out for our future events, as we continue to explore and engage in the dynamic world of technology!